Do you have problem with IKEA smart lamps (Tradfri) flickering / blinking / flashing when off? My lamps did this during the night when turned off, short bright flashes, pseudo random thought the night. The bulb was not slowly dimming up and down it was more like 1ms flash and then they go dark again. Three lamps was on the same connection and they did not flash in sync. Extremely annoying behavior from lamps that is supposed to be smart…

First I found problem 1: They where connected over a dimming switch which was turned to max. When I removed the dimming switch from the circuit most of the problem disappeared. At least in Sweden most modern houses have dimming wall switches all over the place so this is going to be a problem for IKEA, they need to find a solution. It is going to be very frustrating if people need to call an electrical to remove in wall dimming equipment. Since the dimming switch (Elko dimmer) is bypassed, everything was fine!

Then problem 2 started: One day about 6 months after the first problem one of the lamps got crazy and was flickering most of the time, I returned the lamp and got a new working copy.

The lamps where initially connected to the IKEA router/gateway, but since I the system did not support remote control from other networks I had to remove the gateway. There was no difference in behavior with or without the bridge. Unfortunately I have no Hue bridge to try, in case it is a software problem. Hue lamps connected to the same dimming switch do not flash randomly, so they do not experience this problem. Normal tungsten or LED bulbs also work, only IKEA TRÅDFRI show this problem.

Problem 3: Now, more then a year later two of the lamps has got a new problem, random flickering when on… unfortunately they are out of warranty so I’m very close to recycle every singe IKEA lamp. I do not recommend these Trådfri lamps.