Lightroom HTML web gallery generator

NORDIC DESIGN helps you create navigation friendly and amazing image galleries directly within Adobe Lightroom for your blog, homepage or portfolio.
What is it? NORDIC DESIGN is an Adobe Lightroom gallery generator that can be installed to generate HTML pages directly from your photo collection.
Who is it for? NORDIC DESIGN requires Adobe Lightroom 3, 4 or 5. An activated Lightroom license has to be installed before the plug-in can be used. Lightroom running in trial mode will not work, a real Lightroom license is needed.
Why was it developed? NORDIC Design was primarily developed to ease my own photo publishing process. After comments from friends I decided to release it for other photographers who need to publish collections of photos with their own hosting solution.
Why use it? If you want to take control of your own images and animate how they are published, this tool is for you.
What is the major advantage? Using a Lightroom web generator enables you to independent of photo services publish your work directly on your blog, homepage or any other system accepting plain HTML files.
What is the basic work flow? Select photos, adjust the design, preview the gallery and press export! Photo publishing has never been more good looking and efficient. You will love it!.
What if I need advanced features like Google analytics or Pinterest tag? There are a lot of advanced options that can be enabled when needed, still it will not slow down the basic flow! Check out the feature list to see all smart features.
How about smartphone and tablet compability? Touch navigation is supported and the screen is used optimal independent of rotation to produce a great viewer experience.
Is the generated HTML browser friendly? Yes, usability has been in focus during the plug-in development. Even a no Javascript fallback option is automatically incorperated in the gallery to make sure that your work is viewable from anywhere even in the future.
Where can I find more information? See our live demo gallery, try the free demo version, or if you want to dig deep have a look in our NORDIC DESIGN user's guide where all features are described and the workflow is explained with examples.
Is this tool useful for a full time photographer? Yes, since this is a professional tool, there are many configuration options, see the user's guide for details.
Is this tool useful for generating family galleries from vacation images? Yes, as long as you have a way of publishing or sending the HTML files to your family.
I'm not very good in visual design, can I do nice looking galleries using this tools? Absolutely, even the default design will make your photos look great. To further improve, have a look in our NORDIC DESIGN demo section and be inspired. It is very easy to use any of the design ideas in your own work.
Which type of license do you offer? Please see our download page for an overview.
Lightroom HTML photo publishing made easy